23-1-12 / iam posting the un-adjusted pictures from yesterday. a strange thing happened to me: a strange object appeared on the smartphone pictures when watched on monitor. while shooting, i havent seen anything there. the object remains the same (not a bird!) shape on both of the pictures done in several seconds (it just moved). the object has a disc shape and on the sides you can detect something like pink light. iam posting pictures in full resolution so just click them for enlarge or open them in another browser window. this is not my first experience with unexplained stuff in the last time. Another interesting thing is that  clouds on the pictures are very different - so the time which passed between shooting must have been quite long (minute?…) - and object is the same…

+ i will post another pair of pictures from these “yestarday series” where also appear some strange objects - but in bigger distance - just changing their position.

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