Robert Venosa

Robert Venosa

Your Soul’s Gift To You: Understanding The Life Your Soul Planned For You with Robert Schwartz

ROBERT SCHWARTZ: “In this insightful conversation with Robert Schwartz, we discuss pre-birth planning, specifically the healing power of the life our souls planned before our birth. We discuss the relationship between you and your soul, how understanding pre-birth planning leads to healing, if pre-birth planning interferes with free will, the people in our lives who are part of our soul’s plan, and even when our souls plan a spiritual awakening for us. In my last interview with Rob, we discussed the challenges our souls plan for us; so I took this conversation to a new place entirely. There’s too many gems in here to even list. Rob is such an articulate, graceful speaker with incredible wisdom that I just know you’ll love this interview.” ~ Bob Olson, Afterlife TV

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"A thought arises and it is perceived. What makes it ‘my thought’? The bird sings and it is perceived. Does one make it ‘my song’?"

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Sirius A and Sirius B


Sirius A and Sirius B

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tomasorban said: Dear Brighitta, gifted channel of Beings of light! Good to see your answers on tumblr, we enjoy them all! I have a little question for You because it is something what i meet on a daily basis, many times a day. Iam speaking about SYNCHRONICITIES: if we forget the very personal symbolic layer, how can we interpret them as such? why are they happening personally and transpersonally? Why are they here? Do they show us some very fundamental psychic law? How about DNA? Hyperdimensionality?? Thank You


More light in the body, in the Consciousness, means less darkness, or less resistance.  This opens the floodgates of all that you have created, consciously and subconsciously and even super-consciously (before you incarnated - based on your Soul Contracts and your OverSoul’s will).  This is the reason for the increase in synchronicity in your life, and in the lives of others.  Humans are beginning now to Awaken, and to see that they are connected to each other, to all of life, you are all connected as Source, the One.  You are waking up together, and so there is a wave of synchronistic events occurring right across Humanity.  Indeed you are resonating with more light, and more light is being sent to Earth, to Gaia, and because you are now able, more of this light is being anchored to the planet by those like you.  Your DNA is changing, it is part of the Great Shift of this time, of this Light Age.  But the synchronicity you experience is not because of the DNA Activation - both of these things are results of the increase in your light quotient, and the overall light quotient of Earth.  The frequency of Earth is rising, the ‘wattage’ of Earth has increased many times over in the last three years, and it will continue to increase many many times over in the next three to five years, as new Soul imprints are incarnating now, bringing forth this pure, high frequency energy.  This DNA Activation will be more Present in the little ones that are manifesting now, for Source is insuring that the energy of this planet is tipped for the better.  More and more light is coming and more and more of you are able to harness it, to spread it, to heal yourselves and others with it - thereby increasing the frequency of the Whole, of the One.  As you are in alignment with the greater part of yourself, with the You of You, synchronicity becomes a very normal state - for it is the resonant manifesting of energy all around you.  It is the physical echo of your divine alignment. 

We hope this answers your question, dear One.  Thank you as always, for asking.


Channeled by Brighitta Moser-Clark

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at 2:19 the disc shape is clearly evident